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Safety first

President's Safety Statement

The Management of Marpole Transport believes there is no higher priority than prevention of harm or illness to people and is therefore determined to provide a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees.  Our target for safety will always be zero accidents and zero injuries.

To achieve this goal, Management will ensure all equipment, materials and procedures meet regulation standards, and on-going assessments of health hazards and training is maintained to protect employees against accident or industrial disease.

It is mandatory for all individuals working for Marpole Transport to share in the responsibility making this goal a reality.  Conformance to safe operating procedures and performance standards is a basic requirement.

Employees will be responsible for understanding and following Company policy and safe operating procedures, while ensuring optimum quality and production.

Supervisors will be trained to ensure proper work methods meeting all regulations for safety are given primary consideration when implementing or altering processes, programs or physical facilities.  They shall uphold the safety committee’s policies once recommendations are passed into policy.  They must be exemplary in their personal safe behavior and when required enforce safety procedures to ensure all staff and contracting parties comply.  All visitors and sub-contractors will comply with Marpole Transports safety program.



    Our employees and lease operators are the heart and soul of our company. Ensuring that our employees are trained, fully engaged, and able to utilize their skills and strengths, is an absolute must for our viability as a business. We are committed to provide safe and healthy workplaces, reliable and well-maintained equipment for our employees, lease operators and contractors.


    At Marpole Transport we take pride in services and systems that safely facilitate the viable mobility of our customers products.


    All employees, lease operators and sub-contractors must meet the requirements of our orientation standards and that of our customers. Our policies and standard operating procedures are clearly communicated from the beginning along with a complete review of our general and safety expectations.


    Our monitoring system tracks and alerts us to any sudden braking, excessive speeding and hours of service infractions in real time. This effective tool allows us to meet and exceed both regulatory and company safety and compliance expectations.


    Marpole Transport is committed to providing a safe, healthy, harassment and violence free work place. Marpole Transport will dedicate sufficient resources to prevent and protect all employees from bullying, teasing, verbal abuse or acts of violence. Marpole Transport is committed to provide and distribute all the information in its possession regarding contributing factors to work place violence through the health and safety committee. All reported incidents of work place harassment and or violence will be investigated with any deliberate acts or violations resulting in discipline.

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