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Marpole Transport, incorporated in 1948, and Doman Transport, incorporated in 1955, were two pioneer B.C. trucking companies that made significant contributions to the development and growth of the province's industries and infrastructure. While the Marpole name continues, Doman Transport has changed to Trans Isle Freightways Inc. and has since been acquired by Marpole Transport Ltd. (2010). 

Today, under new ownership, Marpole Transport continues to be B.C. owned and operated and is a well-established, family owned business offering its expertise and various transportation services throughout North America. The company has two facilities strategically located in Delta and Duncan, B.C.

Marpole is committed to providing the highest degree of customer service possible by maintaining a “Value Added” approach to all the services we provide.


    Marpole Transport was first established in the late 1930's to service the sawmills along the Fraser River in South Vancouver. The "fleet" consisted of a horse and buggy and a small flat deck truck operating out of the Oakridge area of Vancouver. In 1948 the company was incorporated and moved to Marpole to the corner of Hudson St. and Marine Drive. Marpole operated successfully from there, providing general flat deck service to all points in B.C. and to Washington State. Around the same time, in the early 1950's, Herb Doman, from his base in Duncan, started hauling wood and sawdust to customers on the Island. He then expanded his business to flat deck trucks and semi trailers to haul lumber and building supplies from his Duncan lumber yard to the lower mainland. The transport business thrived and Doman Transport was incorporated in 1955 to service the Vancouver Island forest industry and to provide general trucking to and from the mainland. As the business and the desire to expand licenses and services grew, Doman purchased Marpole Transport in 1964, and changed the name to Doman Marpole Transport Ltd. This amalgamation of operations led to a major expansion of full truck load service to all of B.C. and Washington State. Doman Marpole played a major role in the building of B.C. infrastructure and manufacturing plants such as, the Revelstoke and Bennet Dams, the Castlegar Pulp Mill, Crofton Pulp Mill, and the Coquihalla Highway Project.


    In the late 1980's, the Doman group of companies decided to sell the transportation divisions and concentrate on running their forest operations. Herb Doman's desire was to protect the jobs of the transport employees. Therefore, he commenced negotiations to sell the trucking divisions to the management group. On January 1, 1991 six members of the management group took ownership of Doman Transport and Doman Marpole Transport. The new owners changed the names from Doman Transport to Trans Isle Freightways Inc. and Doman Marpole back to Marpole Transport Ltd. Today the company’s ownership is controlled by the next generation; with Rajin and Robin Bawa continuing the “People First” attitude and an organizational commitment to delivering an exceptional level of service in transportation logistics through the development of strategic partnerships with customers and suppliers. Through the years Marpole Transport has continued to build upon its solid reputation; known for its honest, reliable and sound approach to business. ‍

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